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    I believe that Durham Needs a Living Wage

    An economy that works is an economy that works for all.

    Income inequality and poverty are on the rise.

    • The richest 5% of Durham County’s households have an average income that is 27 times greater than the poorest fifth of household.
    • Nearly one in five Durham residents lives in poverty.
    • Over half of the renters cannot afford fair market rent for a two-bedroom unit. 
      Find an economic snapshot of Durham here.

    The North Carolina and federal wage minimum wage levels of $7.25/hour don’t let families earn enough to make ends meet.

    When workers don’t make enough to make ends meet, families, communities and the economy suffer.

    • Low-income earners tend to spend a larger proportion of earnings in the local economy, providing a stimulus effect.
    • The estimated GDP impact of a minimum wage increase to $10.10, for example, would be approximately $1.3 billion in North Carolina.