Parlour Buycott

What better way to celebrate the reopening of the Parlour than by supporting living wages and some great ice cream!

Two buy-cotts in one week? Yes! We have a lot to celebrate and we can’t think of a better place to end our crowdfunding campaign than the newly re-opened Parlour!

Join us on Thursday, April 9th from 8-10pm at The Parlour  to show your support for Durham’s local, living wage businesses and incredible ice cream!
Akrati Agarwal Paul Ingram Tiffany Seto Goel Alison Spannaus Jack Tarpey Sharrin Manor Mitesh Tank Eddie Chen Sophia Durand Cary Politzer Pranava Raparla Spencer Arlen Stephanie Jensen Matthew Kopac Cynthia X. Wang Kathryn Cooper Roma Sonik Laura Catherine Tra Tran Aleisha Khan Adarsh Dave Julia Dunn Giselle Raitz Batista Manisha Priya Natalie Ritchie Christina Cheng Arvind Konkimalla Racquel Victorio Viado Chelsea Pieroni Madeleine Pron Diana Stan Melissa Li Diana Ye Pooja Mehta Caitlyn Gold Erica Becker Mollie O'Reilly Kate Davidforyt Bundles Stephanie Pags Quinn Steven Katie Jane Fernelius Chloé Banker Luya You Marc Thantrong Feilich Lauren Kelsey Sumner Brian Khoe Krystina Lauren

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